Watch the Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans With an Elevator Concert for 'TRL'


When the Backstreet Boys stopped by MTV's TRL this week, they still got the girls screaming just like the show's heyday — but this time it was in the elevator instead out in Times Square. The boy band surprised fans in the MTV elevators by stopping on different floors and treating them to a free concert their hit songs.

Brian Littrell started the joke by humming next to three superfans wearing Backstreet Boys gear. “Fancy meeting you here,” one the girls told Littrell. Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson then jump on the elevator from a different floor. When A.J. McLean and Nick Carter enter the elevator to complete the five-man group, the girls really lose it. 

Richardson peeks at the girls again before saying, “I like your shirts.” As more fans pile on the ride, with some purposefully running inside just to catch the spectacle, one woman asks if they’re going to sing for her.

The Backstreet Boys launch right into “I Want It That Way,” and it's the only elevator music people are truly here for. Phone cameras and fan vocals came out for the special day in the fice, including a rendition “As Long As You Love Me” that was all captured by the elevator footage.

“We’re never getting f,” one fan sighed.

Watch the entire TRL clip below.