Watch Tammie Brown Give a Pride Month Herstory Lesson on We'wha


Last week, Shea Couleé shared a herstory lesson on the ballroom star Crystal LaBeija, and this week, Billboard Pride is continuing to highlight LGBTQ icons. In the video above, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Tammie Brown educates viewers on We'wha.

We'wha, Brown explains, was a Zuni Native American princess who was a third sex Two-Spirit. “Two-Spirits were highly influential to me as a child,” the queen reveals. “When I came out the closet at the age 13, I said, ‘Oh, shucks, I'm going to hell,’ but a good friend mine told me that Native Americans revered their gays so from then on it was tip-top.”

Brown says that We'wha was known for her singing, dancing, and poetry and that she was even invited to the White House in 1886 where she met President Grover Cleveland.

“She adopted children, she was known for her weaving abilities, I just love We'wha,” Brown adds.

You can watch the full video above to hear more from Tammie Brown and to learn more about We'wha.