Watch Shiggy and Backpack Kid Face Off in a Heated Dance Battle at the ESPY's


The "In My Feelings" challenge may have everyone wanting to #DoTheShiggy, but Backpack Kid isn't one them. The two Instagram stars faced f in a dance battle at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday (July 18), according to a video posted to TMZ.

During the after party, things heated up when the "In My Feelings" dance challenge creator, Shiggy, and Backpack Kid -- who created the popular dance move "flossing" -- formed a circle and decided to battle it out. Both contestants broke it down using the moves that gained them international fame. Shiggy used his frenetic hip-hop style and Backpack Kid opted for a huge dab and, course, some flossing.

A number athletes can be seen in the video filming the battle, include Josh Hart, Todd Gurley, and Mo Bamba.

Shiggy's original video now has over 5 million views and has inspired millions to take the Drake challenge. Meanwhile, Backpack Kid's dance worked its way into the popular video game, Fortnite and even landed him a cameo on SNL

Watch the dance battle below.