[WATCH] Screaming Interrupts Jury Selection of YSL Trial, Courtroom Cleared


The YSL trial’s court proceedings were a bit alarming on Wednesday when someone began screaming behind chamber doors during recess, disturbing those inside the courtroom.

According to WSB-TV, Young Thug was sitting in the middle of the courtroom at a table as the event unfolded. Three people were handcuffed in the courtroom.

Officers cleared the courtroom, later revealing defendant Rodalius Ryan, aka Lil Rod, was escorted out, and he began screaming from a holding cell. Defendants Christian Eppinger and Coradrius Dorsey then yelled to let him out of the cell.


“All of a sudden they take Mr. Ryan, the young child, I mean, he’s a kid, they take him to the back, and we can hear him screaming,” an Dorsey’s attorney told journalist Mark Winne. “We can hear him in the courtroom yelling for help. And we’re all confused.”

A jury has still not been selected.