Watch Peppermint Share Her Definition of ‘Coming Out’ & Recounts a Difficult Bullying Memory


It has been a busy few years for drag superstar Peppermint, from competing on season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race to acting in Broadway musicals and television shows to her near constant activism on behalf of the LGBTQ community. And she's certainly not taking a break today. 

We sat down with Peppermint to ask her a few revealing questions, and she gave some revealing answers. For example, when asked about how she defines "coming out," Peppermint went out of her way to make sure that everyone knew the importance of inclusion and self-actualization. "That really is the moment at which you don't let the policing of gender or uality or any other social norm inhibit who you really are," she says.

In a more somber moment, Peppermint recounted a memory from high school, when she was bullied and beaten up for performing as a cheerleader. While she recalls the moment being "tough," the star says that she learned about the power of community after seeing the students literally rally behind her as she reported the incident to her school. "I turned around and was able to see what felt like the entire student body surrounding the office. … It felt like a circle of love," she says. "If we're able to survive past those moments, then we have the rest of a community kind of stepping in to do the work."

Having an open community there to support you is only further helped by seeing good representation in media, and Peppermint went out of her way to shout out three different transgender actors, Trace Lysette, Jocelyn DeFreece and Chella Man, and call for more support of their work. "[They] are not new, but maybe new to some," she says. "These are just a few of the actors I'm watching emerge in such a beautiful way."

Check out our full conversation with Peppermint in our new "3 Questions" video above.