Watch NYC Subway Riders Break Into Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’


The New York subway can be a not-so-great place, but on Sunday, passengers showed the bright side of public transportation with a little help from the Backstreet Boys.

When a shirtless man bumping loud speakers switched to their car, riders were sure they were in for a ride from hell. But that soon changed when the boy band's famous hit "I Want It That Way" came on. Surprisingly, everyone started singing together and it ended up being a really sweet moment.

A man named Joel Wertheimer documented part of the impromptu performance and then shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. 

"Had a really tough week and tonight I was [on] the subway and some guy walks between train cars, shirtless, bumping a speaker," Werheimer shared. "I wasn't in the mood for Showtime particularly. But sometimes people and life surprise you and a little magic happens."

Several people responded on social media asking for more and declaring how great it is to see New Yorkers come together through the power of music.

Watch the heart-warming clip below.