Watch Nicki Minaj Celebrate Female Friendship in Cut ‘SNL’ Skit


In addition to performing “Chun-Li” and “Poke It Out” on last night’s season finale “SNL,” Nicki Minaj lent her talents to a hilarious skit, which was cut due to time, but is now available online.

The rap queen teams up with Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon in the music video-themed skit (“Friendship Song”) about the power female friendship. Seemingly inspired by Haim, the ladies come to the aid their girlfriends when other people put them down, and create an entire song based around insults.

“I’m gonna lift you up by tearing her down,” they sing. “When you are down in the gutter, I’ll join you there.”

Each lady sings their disses and Nicki comes through with some scathing bars in defense her girlfriends. “I’ll rip up her life, yo, get the knife ’cause you low key my wife, you my bitch for life,” she raps. “You a 10, she a 2 / Life sucks for her.”

She continues the burn with more hilarious bars. “Is she ugly, lame, or musty, choose two,” she raps. “I love my best friend, bitch, screw you.”

Watch the girls come together in the name friendship.

  • Watch Nicki Minaj Celebrate Female Friendship in Cut 'SNL' Skit