Watch Momoland Talk 'Bboom Bboom' Viral Success, 'Baam' Choreography & More


Fans at KCON 2018 LA had the chance to grab a ticket to Momoland, and while the K-pop girl group was in town, they caught up with Billboard to talk about the success this year’s viral sensation “Bboom Bboom,” their follow-up song “Baam” and more.   

"We were very surprised, we couldn't believe what was happening,” says Jane, referring to how their January release "Bboom Bboom" caught everybody's attention in South Korea and beyond; it currently has more than 234 million views on YouTube. “I was like, is this our song? I felt like I wasn't part Momoland and was hearing people singing along to another artist's music. I thought to myself, 'Is this my song? The song they're singing along to?'"    

In June, Momoland returned with their next single, "Baam," and released a music video that featured the group members donning outfits worn historically by a variety world cultures. "Since the album's title is Fun to the World, in order to bring fun to the world, we decided to feature a lot different looks from around the world," explains Hyebin.

With nine members, Daisy says that the hardest part learning their choreography for "Baam" was making sure that everyone's arms were in the right place and not hitting one another by accident. "When you have a lot arm movements, it's hard to do it all at the same time,” she says, explaining a bit about the dance moves. “But we did it! And we're pretty synchronized now."

Watch the rest what Momoland had to say about their songs and choreography in the video above.