Watch Miranda Lambert Invite a Little Girl On Stage Who ‘Stole’ Her Heart


Miranda Lambert couldn't take her eyes off the eight-year-old girl in the front row of her show at the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday night (Oct. 26).

Spotting the girl wearing a black shirt with red tassels swinging on the arms and an adorable "you can't ride in my little red wagon" headband, Lambert asked her crew to get her on stage because she had to meet her right away.

"This little girl has stolen my heart all night long and I just want to meet her up close and personal," Lambert said as little Remi hopped up on stage. "You came all the way from Kansas City to hear some music tonight?," Lambert asked, comforting Remi as the girl broke into tears. She then invited her new pint-sized pal to hang out as she sang "All Kinds of Kinds" from her 2011 Four the Record release.

Remi's tears made Lambert well up herself, but both recovered enough to sing a duet, with Remi taking the lead on the chorus. "Speaking of magic, this girl Remi stole my ❤️. Sometimes there is a face in the crowd that captivates you. Thanks for the tears, smiles & for being who you are. You inspired us all. I’ll never forget you," Lambert wrote in a tweet with a video of their meet cute.

The story got even deeper after the show, when Remi's mother posted a thank you to Lambert for showing attention on her daughter, explaining that the girl was born with nerve damage on the left side of her face, which gives her a "crooked smile. Thank you for showing her it's beautiful to be different," mother Chelsea wrote.