Watch King Princess Feed Slices of Herself to a Party of People in Surreal ‘Prophet’ Video


If nothing else, Mikaela Straus — better known by her stage name King Princess — knows how to entertain her fans. Whether it’s in her infectious live shows, or even in her SoundCloud remixes of iconic pop culture moments, the singer has proven that she knows what her fans want, when they want it.

Straus delivered the goods to her fans once again on Wednesday (Aug. 7), when she released her new video for her single “Prophet.” Off her highly anticipated upcoming album Cheap Queen, “Prophet” gives fans a taste of the kind of showmanship they can expect from Straus in the coming months.

The video opens with Straus joining a self-named football team as they start throwing a ball around. Clad in the jersey and shoulder pads, Straus isn’t interested in the game, but rather in her crush, sitting in the stands filming her. “I can only think about you,” she croons.

Throughout the rest of the video, Straus tries on various different identities, including a lounge singer in a seedy club, and even the leader of a construction crew, to earn her lover’s affection. But in a surreal twist, and a lovely reference to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ 1985 “Don’t Come Around Here No More” video, Straus becomes a living cake that her lover serves to a dinner party full of guests. “It's the price of the prodigy you wanna be,” she sings, tears streaming down her face.

Check out King Princess’ beautifully bizarre video for “Prophet” below: