Watch Jamie Hannah’s Stunning ‘House of Truth (Acoustic)’ Premiere


Earlier this year, British singer-songwriter Jamie Hannah duetted with his label boss — who just happens to be the iconic Boy George — on a vibey track called "House of Truth." And while that was decidedly a bop, the acoustic version from the 22-year-old pop talent — featuring delicate swathes of strings and lush gospel vocals – arguably one-ups the original. Today, Hannah is taking the song to the next level with a gorgeous video for "House of Truth (Acoustic)," which Billboard is premiering.

“With the video I tried to capture the essential truth in a deeply spiritual way using a dark, derelict church setting; a derelict soul searching for the way forward with light steaming through a stained-glass window showing a path way to redemption," Hannah tells Billboard. While the setting for the video is stark, the imagery is enveloping. Hannah moves around, bathed in light, while rose petals rise up through the air and a fallen pyramid of chairs slowly reassembles itself behind him and his backing chorus.

"The gospel singers [are] urging you on your journey to the eventual realization of the realities within you," Hannah says of the clip, pointing out that "the juxtaposition of the angelic gospel singer voices dressed in white and the soul enchanting black/bloody devil at the end of the video emphasizes the choices which are inherent in us all to reach our own house of truth.”

That dichotomy is present even in Hannah's voice. The operatically trained singer is capable of hitting falsettos with piercing clarity, but unlike most singers who can go that high, he can also dig deep on low, velvety notes.  

Check out the stunner of a video above.