Watch James Corden’s Favorite Boy Band O-Town Go ‘Off’ in Sizzling ‘Late Late Show’ Performance


James Corden has been telling anyone who would listen for years that O-Town are the baddest boy band ever. And on Thursday night (Sept. 5), his wish came true when the ageless quartet dropped in for a swaggering run through their latest single, "Off," on The Late Late Show. Surrounded by a eight female mannequins wearing different colored wigs, the performance opened with Erik-Michael Estrada setting the stage for a wild night.

"I pick up some wine, on my way, comin' over/ You wanna get high? Break it up, I'll roll it for ya/ Ya heard all the hype, and tonight is the night/ You're just the right sign, you're just my type," he sang, as the other three joined him and Dan Miller took over to lead the crew into the song's club-ready beat. 

"Don't care what you're wearin' baby, you're just gonna take it off/ I know you think I'm playin' baby, but you're perfect just the way you are," they sang, busting into some old-school boy band choreography. Before it was all over Jacob Underwood snuck in some of his patented falsetto crooning as things got kind of weird and three of the mannequins came to life to join in on the group choreo. The song appears on the band's recently released fourth release, The O.T.W.N. Album.

Check out the performance of "Off" below.