[WATCH] Freddie Gibbs Leads “F*** Akademiks” Chant at Day N Vegas


Freddie Gibbs took the stage at Day N Vegas and used the platform as an opportunity to continue his beef with DJ Akademiks.

AK and Gibbs have been at odds continuously as the former accused the Bandana rapper of being an informant. In recent weeks, the two went into a battle of words. But this time, Gibbs decided to take it to a live stage.

Akademiks isn’t Gibbs only foe. Back in August, Gangsta Gibbs reflected on his post-Bandana days online and noted the executive who signed him to RCA.

“After I made Bandana the nigga that signed me to RCA ghosted me for a year plus,” Gibbs wrote. “Don’t let these industry niggaz ‘brother’ you they just care about where they gon be workin at next year. They not creators like you.”

In a second tweet, Gibbs revealed he saw the RCA executive at a part and he dipped away to secure himself. “Every failed rapper turned exec I know personally is a hoe ass nigga that couldn’t get no bitches.”