Watch Fake Paul McCartney Rap Battle an Alien in 'Late Show' Segment 'Kids Pitch A New TV Show'


Forgret Shondaland — the real Hollywood TV braintrust is clearly second and third graders. At least that's what The Late Show host Stephen Colbert thinks, which might explain why he re-teamed with his amped-up juicebox demo on Wednesday night (May 16) in the midst TV upfront week to cobble together the ultimate kid pitch for a killer new fall drama. 

After quizzing the mini-moguls on which shows they love and getting into a heated discussion with precocious Fab Four fanatic Joshua over which Beatles album is the best (agree to disagree on Revolver vs. Sgt. Pepper's), the kids came up with a few criteria for what would make the ultimate TV show. Fighting and music were tops, so course their pilot would need a rap battle, a bit creepiness (think Fox & Friends or American Horror Story), the Beatles, aliens, and, thanks Joshua, star turns from Brooke Shields and Jeff Daniels.

The rest was easy: a tunnel, some gold hidden in an apartment in Egypt, but also some gold hidden in a drawer hidden behind another drawer in a dresser in Florida, a good witch and an evil witch, with the latter putting a curse on the heroes that turns them into penguins at night if they don't find the gold. And, obviously, Nick Cannon shooting a cannon.

Makes perfect sense, right? Well, it will, once you watch Shields, Daniels, Jason Segel, Kathryn Hahn, Michael Shannon, Hugh Laurie, John Oliver, David Tennant, Willem Dafoe and Whoopi Goldberg in Strangest Things, Season One: The Golden Mysteries.

Oh, and did we mention the rap battle between Oliver's Paul McCartney and Dafoe's extraterrestrial Zylander Quark?

Watch the segment below.