Watch Desiigner Rap On The Shoulders Of A Security Guard


Desiigner is always finding new ways to make his performances some the liveliest in rap. At a recent gig, the rapper called upon a security guard to take his “Tiimmy Turner” performance to the next level. Pulling a very large bouncer up from the front his show, Desiigner swiftly climbed atop the guy’s shoulders and continued his spastic rap style from a little higher up.

Watch the clip below.

Desiigner is currently guesting on Steve Aoki’s KOLONY tour, which will keep him busy until mid-March. His long-awaited debut album Life Of Desiigner, is expected to be released in the near future. In fact, Desiigner’s frequent collaborator Mike Dean recently confirmed that the mastering process for the album was complete. After the album drops, Desiigner is planning to put out another project called New English 2. In a tweet from last month, the rapper promised his new material would show great evolution from his debut mixtape. “New English iiS The Old Me Y’all Really Gonna Hear The Change,” he said.

The last update we heard on the project was that it would be coming “soon,” which any rap fan will tell you can mean literally anything. Seeing that it’s mastered, however, is certainly promising.