Watch Dave Grohl Take a Back Seat to a ‘Real’ Pint-Sized Rock Star in ‘Ryan’s Mystery Playdate’ Preview


It's not often that Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl goes into a room and is not the biggest rock star in it. But in a new promo for his upcoming appearance on Nick Jr.'s Ryan's Mystery Playdate he plays second guitar to the series' star and YouTube sensation: seven-year-old Ryan Kaji. 

"Hi everybody, I'm Dave Grohl. I'm a rock 'n roll musician, but this is kind of the coolest thing yet," Grohl says, explaining that his daughter watches the show "constantly" and getting to jam with Ryan is like "meeting a real rock star… I'm not the rock star here, Ryan is," he says humbly. In the preview clip Grohl plays acoustic guitar, kazoo and drums and gets a pie in the face.

"I hope he's ready to rock," he says of Kaji as the pint-sized YouTuber millionaire strums Grohl's acoustic. "That's what I came to do!" Grohl talks about how important it is for every kid to learn about music and how to play an instrument as footage of him goofing around with the kid cast plays throughout the promo. But, like an inked-up Mr. Rogers, Dave knows that there's one thing even more crucial for the first grade set than anything. "But the best part is when you get together with your friends and play a song," he says. "That's the best thing."

Though the sneak peek doesn't say when the Grohl Playdate episode will air, the description for Thursday's (Oct. 31) Halloween show teases "Ryan rocks and shreds through challenges before going for the record with his legendary play date; Ryan must shine a light on some challenges before putting on a charaded performance with his mystery play date." Playdate airs on Nickelodeon every day at 11:30 a.m. ET.

Watch the preview of Grohl's Playdate below.