Watch Christine & the Queens Get Transformed Into Drag Persona ‘Madame Merde’ by Milk


When you break it down, Christine and the Queens is basically already a drag queen — she's all about playing with gender, she wears some truly stunning outfits, and she knows how to put on an incredible performance. But with the help of RuPaul's Drag Race alum Milk, the star is finally becoming the actual drag queen we have all known her to be. 

In a new video from Them, Christine sat down with Milk to get a full drag transformation. At the start, Milk made it clear that she wasn't particularly interested in giving the singer a standard makeover, since neither of the two are standard individuals. "It's not necessarily 'femme glam,' I think it's more fun, punk, play-with-colors, play-with-lines," Milk said, as an eager Christine nodded along. 

While getting her face beat, Christine chatted with Milk about everything, from the constructs of gender to the subversion of culture. In one particularly poignant moment, Christine spoke about how a group of drag queens performing in London helped pull her out of a depressive episode and inspired her to pursue her career. "I watched them own everything and be fabulous, and I was like, 'I want that to happen for me, too. I want that feeling of being free, and empowered, and wild," she said. 

Then, the time finally came — after getting a truly abstract face of makeup done (complete with geometric shapes and everything), a full silver outfit and an out-of-this-world orange wig, Milk completed her drag transformation on Christine, and asked the star to name her new self. Her choice? Madame Merde. "Miss Poop, I like that," Milk said with a laugh. "'Merde' means poop, everybody."

Check out Christine and the Queens' full drag makeover courtesy of Milk below: