Watch Christian Nodal Dish On His Favorite Things About ‘Interesting & Funny’ Mexican Culture


Straight from Caborca, Sonora in Mexico, Christian Nodal takes the Growing Up Latino hot seat to talk about his culture, favorite things, and more in this week’s episode.

The Regional Mexican crooner, who was named on Billboard’s 21 Under 21 list this year, kicked off by highlighting his mom’s cooking as his favorite Mexican food. “It’s Mexican cuisine but we make it a little different,” he says, elaborating that the “frijoles borrachos” or “tacos al vapor” are custom-made to add seasonings. He also coined his mom as his ultimate idol because she’s the one who struggles for the whole family. 

On his finger, Nodal has a tattoo of a rosary, which he says best represents him because it reminds him that God is with him at all times. The song that best describes his country is “Cielito Lindo” because Mexicans are happy people. “People are so used to watching the negative news about Mexico. There are bad things happening in all parts of the world,” he says of his country. “Mexico has grown a lot and has a lot of beautiful places. There may be some bad things but it has many more good things.”

Nodal admitted that he’s not big on social media and he would like to pass that tradition to his children, because he wants them to have fun without the need for electronic devices. “I’m an old man in a 20-year-old body. I don’t use social media. I’d like to show them how to live their lives like people before they did,” he says. 

Thanks to social media, however, he found out he was a big deal in the U.S. “When people began commenting on my photos and asking me to perform in their city,” he notes, saying he realized he made it in the states when his concerts would get packed. 

As for what he loves about growing up Mexican? “I speak like a Mexican and I love my culture. I know we have great food. We have all these beautiful places. If I want hot or cold weather. If I want beaches or mountains. We have that. We’re great at celebrating and party for so many reasons. Our family culture. The way we are raised is so interesting and funny but with so much tenderness. I want to be buried in Mexico,” he proudly emphasizes. 

Watch the entire episode above.