Watch Charlie Puth Sing Easy Listening '90s Punk on 'Tonight Show'


Put also sang his new single, “The Way I Am,” on Tuesday night (July 17).

Charlie Puth brought back some classic '90s pop punk hits with a twist on Tuesday night (July 17) during his visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon set up the bit by pressing his love for "the angsty, fast-paced sound 90's punk" and the "relatable, catchy pop sound super mega star Charlie Puth," in order to promote a fake album entitled, Charlie Puth Sings 90's Punk. He even rolled "clips" the pop star crooning smooth pop versions Blink-182's "All The Small Things" and Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy," in front a green screen showing scenes skateboarders, people crowd surfing at concerts and cheesy '90s graphics.

But that was not all. Because Fallon also promoted Puth's other "upcoming album, Charlie Puth Sings Spice Girls. Showing a different side the '90s, the promo clip showed Puth bursting into the hook and chorus the girl group's most famous hit, "Wannabe."  

After all the antics were over, Fallon finally introduced Puth, who is currently on tour and promoting his new single "The Way I Am" f his album Voicenotes. The real-deal performance was a bit edgier than Puth's typically smooth, electro pop tracks. Instead, the crooner opened with a fast paced electric guitar that remained consistent throughout most the song, matching the anxious feelings Puth expressed in the lyrics.

Watch the full performances Charlie Puth Sings '90' Punk and his new single "The Way I Am" below.