Watch Billie Eilish Spook Superfan Melissa McCarthy on ‘Ellen’


Billie Eilish made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Show on Thursday (May 30) to scare her biggest fan, Melissa McCarthy. 

McCarthy stopped by the show earlier this month, on May 16, and admitted her deep admiration for the 17-year-old star. She didn’t stop there, though — the actress also shared a new version of Eilish’s “Bad Guy” video, one that included McCarthy in it. It shows the two standing side-by-side the entire time, with McCarthy donning sweatsuits, breaking through walls and even suffering from nose bleeds.

McCarthy revisited this clip with Ellen on the show, but this time, Eilish popped out of a box at the end, scaring McCarthy with a loud scream.

“I was in there for a minute,” Eilish said while stretching it out. McCarthy asked Eilish if she was happy with the parody video and the singer confirmed that she thought it was cute.

“It made me cool for a minute with my kids,” McCarthy admitted. 

Watch the spook below: