Watch Big Bird & Elmo Rock Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’ in ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Preview


You haven't lived until you've seen Big Bird and Elmo get down to some Black Eyed Peas in the new promo for Lip Sync Battle. Yes, the most famous residents of Sesame Street lose their minds to the Peas' 2009 smash "I Gotta Feeling," with Big Bird smashing it along with his dancers and Cookie Monster tearing it up on the cookie-covered ones and twos.

Things really heat up, though, when Elmo pops out of a giant yellow tiered cake and rips into Fergie's verse as the crowd goes bananas. One fan in particular can't get enough, though. Co-host Chrissy Tiegen's whole family showed up for this one, with husband John Legend telling host LL Cool J that "we loooove Big Bird... Luna's so happy. Her favorites are all here," as the couple's daughter reaches out in pure joy to her furry heroes.

You can also check out a preview of the pre-game chat with actor Jason Schwartzman, in which the two perch on a pair of stools and just have a chat. They agree that their favorite letter is B and that holding an adult's hand and looking both ways and then one way again before you cross the street is the best way.

Lip Sync Battle airs on the Paramount Network at 10 p.m. ET.

Watch the Lip Sync Battle preview below.