Watch Becky G Recruit Her Actual Family in New Oreo Commercial: Exclusive


Becky G is celebrating the real meaning of family in a new Oreo commercial, set to air during the 20th annual Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday night (Nov. 14).

Coined “Home Sweet Home” and set to an original reggaeton song, the 30-second spot shows Becky playfully dancing and engaging with her entire family — both in-person at home and video chat while on the road. “Everyone in the commercial is literally my family,” Becky G exclusively tells Billboard. “My mom, my dad, my siblings, all four of my grandparents are in it — which, for me, is a moment captured that I will cherish forever in my heart.”

The Mexican-American singer expressed that the best part of sharing a set with her loved ones was allowing them to see what it’s like to be Becky for a day. “I have videos of them getting their outfit and makeup done and getting tired in between shots. It was so cute.”

With its new commercial, Oreo spotlights the value of family and music within Latin culture. “Family is important because they keep you grounded to be the person that you are,” she says. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be blood. Your family is just a good group of people that you surround yourself with.”

Becky — who considers herself a Double Stuf Oreos kind of girl — says she’s excited to share this new spot with her fans because it’s something very special that shows her authenticity. “I feel that my fans are going to feel so connected with this commercial. When I read the treatment, I cried because they capture what happens to me when I’m on the road and my family is far. This is amazing."

Watch Becky G’s “Home Sweet Home” commercial below: