Watch Ashanti Pay Tribute To Biggie: "I’m A Rapper At Heart"


It’s been five years since Ashanti‘s Braveheart, and while the R&B sensation has been making industry moves by picking up acting roles and expanding her portfolio, fans are eagerly awaiting her next project. In a recent interview with Ebony, the singer mentioned how she thought there was something missing in today’s R&B scene: “I feel like there’s a void. I feel like people want it, but there’s not a lot of true, passionate, R&B music, when you think about it. Telling a story, being vulnerable and being visual.”

Watch Ashanti Pay Tribute To Biggie: "I'm A Rapper At Heart"

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

It seems like the interview really got Ashanti missing old-school artists, like The Notorious B.I.G, who would have celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday, since the songstress took to Instagram to post a dedication post in the late rapper’s memory last night.

She posts the heartfelt caption honoring his legend, “RIP BIG 🙏🏽 #Classics we still rockin 22plus years later 👑 #NY I’m a rapper at heart 😩😭” to go along with the signature picture of B.I.G, from his Ready To Die album. Accompanying the picture, is a video (which you can check out on her Instagram, below) of an “impromptu” performance by Ashanti with Anthony Anderson, in which the two perform an homage to Biggie’s “One More Chance.”

How do y’all think she’s sounding?