Watch A Tour Of Tyler Perry’s Massive Studio Compound In Atlanta


At the beginning of October, Tyler Perry threw a party for the grand opening of his studio compound in Atlanta. Amidst the reports of all the celebrities who showed up to the event, many staggering facts were shared about Tyler Perry Studios. It cost $250 million to build. It’s 300-acres large. It’s the first studio lot owned by a Black person. It is bigger than Disney, Paramount, Sony and Warner’s studios combined. It gains even more historical significance when you consider that the property the studio rests on was built by slaves and served as a Confederate army base. 

After hearing all these tidbits of information, one would want to see what this massive property looks like. Luckily, Architectural Digest has shared a video of Perry giving an in-depth tour of the place. It all becomes more impressive when you see that this compound is equipped with pretty much any set you could imagine. There are areas that resemble hospitals, pubs, restaurants, hotels. Perry built the first White House on a studio lot, which will surely come in handy for many productions. The coolest thing might be the house with each of its four facades capturing a different architectural style. 

Also, watch Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s vlog of their trip to Tyler Perry Studios’ opening party