Watch a Mother and Daughter Absolutely Slay Ciara's 'Level Up' Challenge


A mother-and-daughter team took on Ciara's "Level Up" challenge and absolutely crushed it. 

The duo broke it down in what appears to be a subway station, capturing the attention commuters passing by. Just when you begin to think that the mom's moves are impressive, her daughter steps in, hitting every step and throwing in a handstand for good measure. 

Ciara's challenge began in July after the release her comeback single "Level Up." In a video posted to Twitter, the rapper encouraged fans to re-create the moves from the song's music video and respond with three ways that they can "Level Up."

Celebrities and fans alike have been taking on the challenge in waves. Stars like Chris Pratt, Tiffany Haddish, Russell Wilson and Kelly Clarkson have posted videos their attempts along with countless jaw-dropping fan videos. 

Check out the mother-daughter duo's take on the challenge below.