Watch 50 Cent Reveal He's Crushing On Helen Mirren, Dish On John Travolta's Dance Moves and Sip Champagne


Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson stopped by Conan on Monday night (Aug. 20) to pop a bottle his new champagne — and pour out some  his love for Helen Mirren. 

The rapper told host Conan O'Brien that while he was in Cannes, he locked eyes with Mirren and felt a spark. "She looked at me and this interesting thing was going on in her eyes," he said, adding: "She knows she's sexy!" While the crush is real, 50 wouldn't go as far as to say that he'd be with her, should something happen to her husband. "It's not right. Because you know what, I don't want nobody waiting on me to get knocked f," 50 said.

50 also recounts another celebrity interaction went down when John Travolta jumped on stage with him to bust a few moves to "Just A Lil Bit" at Cannes Film Festival this past May. The actor's surprise dance cameo became a little distracting to 50, who didn't see him at first, but was "trying to check out what he's doing and say the words at the same time." 

50 Cent also made sure to pop a bottle his new champagne Le Chemin du Roi, talk about his grandfather's attitude, and ask Tesla for a sponsorship. 

Check out the clips below.