Warner Bros. Is Rebooting An R-Rated Version Of The "Mortal Kombat" Film Series


If you’re a ’90s baby, you probably remember the icon status of the Mortal Kombat franchise. If you hadn’t watched the movie, you for sure played the game on your good ol’ fashioned sega, or gameboy, and remember those (lowkey scary) sound bytes of that super deep voiced commentator, and the satisfaction of hearing him tell you to “FINISH HIM.” Well, ’90s babies rejoice, as this weekend the writer of the Mortal Kombat film series, Greg Russo, confirmed that Mortal Kombat is officially being rebooted by Warner Bros. Russo confirmed that the series would be moving towards an R-Rating and would be previewing fatalities for the first time ever on screen.

Production is reportedly already underway as of now, in Australia, and Indonesian actor and martial artist, Joe Taslim, is saet to star as Sub-Zero. In the past, Warner employed a PG-13 rating for all the previous Mortal Kombat films, but a larger, 4DX experience, is expected to be included for its upcoming March 5th 2021 release to theaters. Considering the insane amount of new fatalities, we saw in their Mortal Kombat 11 video game that was released over the spring, saw a pretty crazy amount of new fatalities, so many are hoping to see animality and babality included as well. Will y’all be hitting theatres to see what’s up?