Wanda Sykes Jokes About Etiquette For White Coworkers In "Not Normal" Exclusive Clip


Wanda Sykes announced her stand-up comedy revival last week when she announced a Netflix special dubbed Not Normal. The comedic veteran will tackle “politics, reality TV, racism and the secret she’d take to the grave in this rollicking, no-holds-barred stand-up special,” the official description reads. Now that we’ve watched the trailer for the special that arrives May 21st, Netflix has dropped off an exclusive clip of one of the bits Wanda touches on during her performance. 

The laughing matter is revolved around something most black people may have encountered: their white coworker coming back from vacation and comparing skin tones. Needless to say, Wanda’s not with it. 

“We hate that shit,” Wanda tells the laughing crowd, as seen in the clip below. “And we secretly wish bad black shit happens to you when you do it […] I hope you get sickle cell.” 

“My sensibilities are pretty much the same, but I think I’ve gotten better as a performer. Before it was all about the material and relying on the jokes, but now my acting out and really performing the material has really improved,” Wanda told Variety when detailing her growth as a comedian. 

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