Wanda Sykes Announces New Netflix Comedy Special


Wanda Sykes is indubitably one of comedy’s most noteworthy veterans. With previous writing credits on gut-splitting content such as The Chris Rock Show and a successful acting career in comedic films, it is no surprise that the 55-year old has been named one of the 25 funniest people in America by Entertainment Weekly. Sykes counts three decades of telling jokes and people enjoying them. And though she is not unfamiliar to stand-up, the actress has now become one of the few entertainers to snag a Netflix comedy special. While we do not know how much she was paid for it (sorry Mo’Nique), we do recognize the latter as an achievement worth mentioning.

According to UpRoxx, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal offers a comedic twist to the world we live in today. Moreover, things do get political and such is understandable considering the current state of affairs in Trump’s America. Furthermore, the comedian, who has a knack for pointing out the elephant in the room, subjects her viewers to “her own unique perspective with plenty of physical flourishes.” As such, you may expect a plethora of witty jokes, sharp-tongue, and banter all delivered with the high-delivery Wanda Sykes never fails to grant. The one-hour special will be available on Netflix on May 21st, 2019.