Walker & Royce Get Weird On Their In-Demand Remix of Dom Dolla’s ‘San Frandisco’: Exclusive


Has this ever happened to you? You're sweating on the dance floor with a few hundred brand new friends and hear a song so ill, you have to smash that Shazam button, but it comes back with saying "no result." It happened to us while at a Justin Martin set this summer, but it was easy to remember the track, because it was all "where's your disco, San Francisco?"

We finally got some answers in September, when rising producer Dom Dolla dropped his club-heavy "San Frandisco," but it sounded slightly different than we remembered. Then, news of this Walker & Royce remix hit, and it all made sense.

"From the minute this arrived in my inbox, I knew it would be a special record," Dom Dolla tells Billboard Dance. "Walker & Royce have absolutely smashed this one out of the park. I don't think I've ever received so many 'track ID?' requests from audience members in my career as a DJ. Well done fellas."

The original brings serious house heat, while the Walker & Royce remix below plays a little dreamier. At its best, San Franscisco is a weird and psychedelic place, and the duo play into that atmosphere while keeping the driving beat intact. This is definitely one to play when letting your freak flag fly. 

“We are so excited to release this remix," the duo says. "People have been constantly asking about this one since we first played it. Big ups to Dom Dolla and the Sweat It Out family for having us onboard.”

Earlier this year, Walker & Royce helped Diplo launch his Higher Ground house label with "Rave Grave" and "The Biznes." The group's remix of Dom Dolla's "San Frandisco" is out everywhere Friday, Nov. 1, on Sweat It Out Records, but you can hear it a day in advance below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.