Wale Stirs Mixed Emotions On Twitter After Sharing His Breakfast Sandwich Preference


Every now and then, one of Wale‘s tweets will bring on some mixed reactions and his latest to do so is one pertaining to his breakfast sandwich preference. The “Lotus Flower Bomb” music maker shared one tweet detailing how he likes to add jelly to his turkey-bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. While there were some reactions that suggested people were not for his unique taste, a good amount of followers didn’t hate the idea and even suggested some interesting choices of their own. 

“You’re stressing me out… pleathe ok,” one user responded, while another added, “Goood bye Wale.”

As for a fan who was clearly for it, they responded: “All fact Wale, let the world know! This sandwich: Jelly on one slice, butter on the other, egg, turkey bacon (And breakfast shots).”

Peep more reactions below and let us know if you’ll (honestly) give the sandwich a try.