Wale Spends His Idle Moments Raving About Chris Brown’s Teenage Debut


Wale took a moment out of his busy schedule (oiiii) to speak on the understated impact of Chris Brown‘s debut released in 2005. Not to be facetious or anything but Wale mentioned it himself: the DMV rapper has nothing but spare time to devote to such topics, sort of like an abandoned case file getting scooped up by an out-of-work NPR correspondent, or a manic person who must at all costs, inscribe their manifesto on a cardboard sign.

Thankfully the earnest and talented Wale falls in between both those precarious positions. This is how he worded his praise of Chris Brown’s debut in two-numbered shots. Breezy’s 2005 debut included the smash singles “Run It” and Yo (Excuse Me Miss) and fell just short of reaching the number one spot on Billboard’s best-seller list.

Wale Spends His Idle Moments Raving About Chris Brown's Teenage Debut

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Wale said it himself on Twitter hours ago, “Brown was a kid and made a classic.. that’s crazy ..he was just tryna buy bapes and Jordan’s and found some time to record in between .. and made a classic. Dass crazy,” whereupon it would be casual to forget that Brown was a mere child just over ten years ago.

For reasons only known to him, Wale talks about precocious nature, yet he chooses not to traverse the subject of his youthful transgressions in the process of building his case. How do you feel about Chris Brown’s debut record, hit us with your thoughts?