Wale Shares What It’s Really Like Living With Depression & Anxiety


Thursday, October 10 was World Mental Health Day, and social media was flooded with people who shared their support and raised awareness. Tens of millions of people worldwide struggle with their mental health, including Wale who has spoken openly about living and working through his anxieties. On Friday morning, the rapper visited The Breakfast Club radio show to talk about his recently released album Wow.. That’s Crazy, and while there, he shared his thoughts on depression and anxiety, and why many people who believe they are living with those conditions actually aren’t.

“Depression and anxiety is a real thing, man,” Wale said. “We talk about it all the time and all the brothas in the industry really appreciate you going there,” he told Charlamagne Tha God about his mental health activism. “Even on Wow… That’s Crazy, I talk about it, but I like to package it differently. I hate saying the words ‘mental illness.’ I hate it.”

“People are latching onto this because they had a bad day. That’s not depression and anxiety,” Wale continued. “Depression and anxiety…anxiety is your heart rate is going up and your palms are sweaty and like, everybody in the room is talking fast, but they’re not. Your brain is in a weird place. Or, you wake up thinking that the world hates you for no reason at all. That’s what depression and anxiety look like, and I don’t think that many people that be saying that really know what that’s like.”

Wale goes on to give an example of being followed when he’s out in public but not wanting to interact with fans because it makes him anxious and uncomfortable. He also shared that he’s able to communicate with his fans better on social media because it doesn’t require him to exert the same level of energy as being face-to-face. Check out Wale getting candid about his mental health below.

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