Wale Pens Heartfelt Letter To Meek Mill: "Ill See U Real Soon My Brova"


Rumors Meek Mill’s impending freedom continue to swirl, going so far as to be perpetuated by the ever-resourceful T.I. While the undeniable sense injustice has been a dominant theme in the discourse surrounding Meek’s incarceration, his myriad supporters have confirmed that the Wins & Losses rapper is remaining optimistic. After receiving a visit from Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, Meek ended up chopping it up with somebody a little closer to home – the homie Wale. Afterward, Wale reflected on his conversation with Meek, taking to Instagram to pen a heartfelt message support. 

“Spoke to my dawg for grip Yesterday … it’s funny how nobody knows how close we are or what we been through. It’s really deeper than rap. We look back and laugh at the dumb shyt and we welcome the endless possibilities our future with open arms,” writes Wale. “The silver lining in this fucked up situation is the clarity and wisdom he has gained. The silver lining for me is realizing what(or who) is real. I the end there barely is a silver lining in such an unjust situation but the conversation we’ve been having have inspired me on levels I deemed unattainable at one point.”

He continues to big up his incarcerated homie, writing “I’m grateful for the ups and downs because God /Universe will bless you directly and indirectly . Ill see u real soon my brova. Ps. I always feel weird about saying “free____” because the body can be captured but the mind can remain elusive when there is clarity.”