Wale Names His Era’s Best Rappers: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Meek Mill & More


We’re surprised Wale didn’t add himself to this list, to be completely honest. In the past, the Washington D.C. native has had no problem reminding us all that he’s one of the greatest to have ever picked up a microphone. In his defence, he’s absolutely correct. Wale has a special gift and he doesn’t really get enough credit in the mainstream. We’re currently counting down to the release of his next album, which should be an enjoyable ride, and as we wait, the recording artist felt a need to engage with his fans through a question-and-answer session. One of the things his fans wanted to know dealt with his own list of the best rappers from his era, which he answered without missing a beat.

Wale is one of the more unfiltered members of the music industry. He says what’s on his mind and he always shows love to those he considers to be great. Today was one of those days when the “On Chill” rapper revealed his own picks for the most skilled rap vocalists of his generation. Responding with a simple list of names, Wale issued a respectable offering: “Dot Cole Sean KRIT Meek,” he wrote. Kendrick Lamar was a given and some would argue that J. Cole was also a clear choice for his list. Big Sean, Big K.R.I.T. and Meek Mill were likely the tougher choices.

What do you make of his picks? Earlier today, Wale took to Twitter to express his frustration at how his album rollout is going, noting that somebody on the inside may be trying to set him up for failure. Check out that thread here.