Waka Flocka Saves Fan Taking Selfie From Getting Hit By A Car


Los Angeles isn’t the only city poppin’ f with activities this weekend. New Orleans is in the middle their annual Mardi Gras celebration and while most celebrities are partying it up in L.A. for NBA All-Star Weekend, Waka Flocka was getting turnt up in NOLA. Of course, to see someone like Waka would garner much attention from many people. The rapper was spotted on Bourbon Street and while fans tried to get pictures with him, he managed to save a life in the midst it all.

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Waka Flocka saved a girls life after she almost got hit by a car, TMZ reports. The rapper was walking down Bourbon Street with a mob fans. One fan was trying to get a selfie with the rapper as they walked next to him but wasn’t attentive to much else going on. As they were trying to cross the street, a car zipped by and almost hit the girl taking the selfie. Fortunately, Waka’s fast instincts pulled the girl back from getting hit. Strangely enough, the girl’s eyes barely left her phone during the whole incident.

The video clip that surfaced showed Waka pulling her back. As other people surrounded him screamed out fear, another man is heard yelling, “Oh my God! Waka just saved her ass!”

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The driver wasn’t in the wrong in this scenario because the light was green. Thankfully, no one got injured and hopefully, that girl ended up getting her selfie.

Peep the video below.