Wack 100 & Blueface Talk Nipsey Hussle Comments & Fabled Drake Collab


Blueface and Wack 100 have made no shortage of headlines, but in all honesty, they’re generally make for an interesting interview. Today, they sat with Adam 22 on No Jumper, covering a range of topics – including Wack’s recent Nipsey Hussle comments. When asked about the fabled Drake collab, which was previously announced when Blueface first started buzzing, the Disrespectful one plays coy. “To be honest, Drake’s a light-skinned individual,” he replies. “I know how to deal with those kind of people, so he’ll do it on his time. I’m not banking off that. I’m not relying on it.” While it’s difficult, and perhaps unwise to read into his body language and cadence, it still feels unwise to hold our breath for this one to drop. 

Turning attention to Wack 100, Adam inquires about the recently leaked audio, which found Wack seemingly understanding Eric Holder’s reasoning for murdering Nipsey Hussle. Wack explains that he received a call from a media figure, who inquired about the situation in an innocuous fashion. “It’s not an interview or nothing,” he continues. “So I told him one on one how I seen it. My opinion of what it was. I’ve have major platforms calling me since his death asking, I never spoke on it. I’m talking to this dude one on one. I guess the next day he decide ‘I’ma leak it, put it out.’ Look what he does. He puts it out there like I said some horrible crazy shit, right? But he’s playing the subscribe or follow game.”

Wack 100 & Blueface Talk Nipsey Hussle Comments & Fabled Drake Collab

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“Listen, I’m not a gang banger anymore,” he says, a little later. “I’ve been gangbanging over twenty years. I haven’t woke up and hated the Crip or seen a dude in blue and wanted to do something to him cause I thought he was a Crip. That’s gangbanging. I’m from where I’m from and it’s gon’ always be that. I understand gang culture. Gang culture is different from religious culture. It’s different from, you know Jewish culture. Every culture is different, and in that jungle the rules change. Now, are the rules irrational? Damn right. Are they right? Probably not, but these are the rules of this jungle. It’s been like that fifty, sixty years. In this jungle, everybody is not for everything.Everybody is not the shooter, everybody not the fighter, some are the hustlers,” he breaks down. “Fifty percent of the people are there to make the hood look deep. Straight cowards, busters.”

Nipsey’s a rapper. Game is a rapper. If something happens in Cedar Block where Game is from, Game is not going to be the go-to guy to go retaliate on the block. That’s not what he does…Everybody don’t play the same role. I can speak on it cause I’ve been a fighter, my criminal record tells you I’ve been a shooter. I’ve been a moneymaker all my life. In this situation, you have a rapper and you have a dude that’s a straight authentic gang member. His whole life are these blocks, it’s all he know. In the culture of gangbanging, if you call someone a bitch, or a snitch, a rapist, a pedophile, when you call somebody these things in this jungle, it’s no different than you being a football player and going on the field without your helmet on. You gonna get hit.” 

For more game from Blueface and Wack 100, check out that full No Jumper video below.