Wack 100 Believes Tupac Died A Legend While Biggie Became A Legend After His Death


Wack 100 recently gave another one of his hot takes, this time not in a Clubhouse chat.

The west coast based music manager appeared during The Game’s Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN where he claimed that Tupac died a legend while Biggie has become a legend as years have passed.

“Tupac died a legend, Biggie didn’t,” Wack argued. “His body of work—movies, double CDS, albums that went quadruple… He was dead before his first album came out—” Wack was then corrected, about Biggie passing before the release of his first album. It was actually his second album Life After Death. “Second album. He became [a legend]. Over the years, motherf*ckas remake the songs, he became that.”

Wack then doubled down on a stance he has stood by since Nipsey Hussle’s passing, claiming that Nip cannot be considered a legend musically because he only had one album and multiple mixtapes.

This led N.O.R.E. to ask Wack to define what a legend is. “We’re talking music…” Wack replied.

The Game then chimed in, posing a question that related back to their conversation.

“Do we know how long Jesus was giving n*ggas the gospel before Judas ran him into the Romans and they killed him? Was it long?” the rapper asked. “Was Jesus on his first album or second album?”

You can watch the clip here.