Volac Raises Funds For Burning Siberian Forests With ‘We Are Siberia’: Exclusive


More than 5 million hectares of Siberian Forest are on fire. According to Greenpeace, less than 90 percent of the fires are managed, sending harmful carcinogens not only into the streets but into the homes of the country's residents. A state of emergency has been declared for an area larger than India.

The plight of the Amazon rainforest has rightly captured the world's attention, but the damage of a dryer, warmer Earth affects us all, and Russian-based, Siberian-born DJ duo Volac wants to save its home the only way it knows how — with music.

Volac, an alumni of Billboard Dance's Ones to Watch series, has teamed with S7 Airlines on a pledge to plant 1,000,000 trees as soon as possible. In a gesture of solidarity, S7 has taken up its old name Siberian Airlines, so as to raise awareness. Volac, for its part, has reworked an old, unreleased demo, renaming the booming bass-house track "We Are Siberia," to help with the cause.

About three weeks ago, Volac visited its hometown of Irkutsk. The wildfires were reaching a furious peak, and though media was flooded with news of the damage, nothing prepared them for the truth.

"We went to Baykal, one of our favorite places," Volac tells Billbord Dance. "The smog was everywhere. We were shocked to see it, because Baykal is the place where we were born. It's priceless to us. A week ago, we were returning back from Irkutsk to Moscow  S7 Airlines, and a few days before, they announced their campaign in support of Siberian forests. It inspired us, and we decided to remake one of our demos and dedicate it to Siberia to help highlight the wildfire issues. There’s nothing complicated about it, we just want to help our homeland of Siberia before it's too late."

With "We Are Siberia," Volac hopes to raise awareness for the cause, while donating all streams and purchases to the mission.

"Huge Russian brands have supported us, but we were shocked to receive support from a young popular artist," S7 representatives say. "Volac made a track to support their native region, and we think this deserves respect."

At press time, S7 raised enough funds to plant 855,254 trees. With your help, Volac and Siberia can get to that goal. "We Are Siberia" is out everywhere Friday, Aug. 30, but you don't have to wait a second more to help save the Siberian forests.

Just visit S7 Airlines online, and listen to "We Are Siberia" day ahead of schedule, exclusively on Billboard Dance.