VIXX's Leo Releases First Solo EP 'Canvas': Watch the Music Video for 'Touch & Sketch'


VIXX vocalist Leo released his first solo EP on Tuesday (July 31). Canvas, fronted by the single “Touch & Sketch,” is a seven-track exploration the K-pop star’s evocative vocals.

Atmospheric as it bounces along with plinking, and occasionally twinkling, digital beats and layered synths, “Touch & Sketch” sets the tone for Leo’s identity as a soloist outside VIXX while still drawing on the sleek style dance music the group has leaned into in recent years. The single puts the singer’s breathy vocals and its groovy chorus front and center, with the smooth verses slowly building into its rhythmic hook to create a sultry funk-pop soundscape.

Aesthetically, the music video reflects the song's title and turns romance into an artwork, with Leo poised as both its artist and leading man. In the vibrantly hued video, classically inspired sets serve as the backdrop for the verses as the singer reflects on love, interspersed with dynamic dance breaks. Leo serves up the song's dramatic, sensual choreography flanked by backup dancers, using his whole body to emulate the "Touch & Sketch"-ing the title.

Leo wrote the lyrics for each the seven songs on Canvas and was credited with co-composing five the album’s tracks. Though he's solo on most songs, EXID's LE appears on "Cover Girl" to serve up a sassy rap in which she references famous couples Bonnie and Clyde and BeyoncĂ© and JAY-Z.

Canvas is Leo’s second side-project as a member VIXX; he’s released two singles as VIXX LR with bandmate Ravi, the only other member the group to have released his own solo music. Both VIXX LR's albums, 2015's Beautiful Liar and 2017's Whisper, went to No. 2 on the World Albums chart.

Watch the music video for “Touch & Sketch” below: