Viva Friday Playlist: The Best Latin Songs of the Week by Fonseca, Alex Zurdo, Felipe Pelaez & More


This week on our Viva Friday playlist, the best new songs, albums and videos the week include Alex Zurdo’s “Mi GPS”; “No Te Creo” by Felipe Peláez, featuring Nacho and Noriel; and Morat’s “Punto y Aparte,” among others. Viva Friday is a compilation new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by Billboard editors.

Morat, “Punto y Aparte”

The Colombian pop band delivers colloquial, friendly lyrics with great melodies. This slow, pop/rock ballad a guy wanting his girl back is a return to basics, with soul.

Alex Zurdo, “Mi GPS”

The Puerto Rican Christian music singer keeps close to his fanbase with an urban style. In “Mi GPS,” the message finding direction, or love, or the right track drives home with the mix guitars and a reggaeton beat that has worked so well for artists like Manuel Turizo, but is refreshing and real in this genre.

Fonseca feat. Melendi, “Simples Corazones”

Colombia’s Fonseca brings Spanish singer/songwriter Melendi in as his featured guest in this uptempo pop/reggaeton/vallenato track.

Felipe Peláez, Nacho & Noriel, “No Te Creo”

If you are in the mood forgetting someone, this is the perfect song. “No Te Creo” mixes the Colombian vallenato rhythms with Nacho’s unique voice and Noriel urban touch that is very popular. The song was released Friday morning (July 6) with its music video.

Macaco, “Valientes”

After a few years absence and in the midst a European tour, Macaco returns with the release “Valientes,” a song that defies hindrances and takes the bull by its horns. The first single from his 10th studio album, Back to the Jungle, due in 2019, is a powerful declaration courageousness that fervently cries out loud with for the restoration our inner-bravery through his classical fusion rumba, reggae and dub with dominant guitar riffs.

Dorian, “Algunos Amigos”

The Barcelona-founded band known for its new wave-centric songs with punchy, catchy and resonating themes deliver on their latest single “Algunos Amigos” (Some Friends). Backed by an inviting let-your-hair-down music video filmed in LA, frontman Marc Gili leads the band in a tour the City Angels. The track's surface embodies a pleasing musical style, but look closer and Dorian's take on a lifetime friendships turns into a nostalgic appeal anchored to the people in our lives, both in the present and past tense, with blistering lyrics such as “I'm an angel when it suits me and a demon when it's time to hurt.”