Viva Friday Playlist: Lali Joins Forces With CNCO, J Alvarez Releases ‘La Fama Que Camina Vol. 2’ & More


Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

Lali – “Como Así” feat. CNCO (Sony Music Latin)

Lali has recruited not one, but five voices for her new track “Como Así.” A collaboration that was born after co-hosting the 2019 Premios Juventud, Lali joins forces with CNCO once again for a heartfelt track about a couple who despite calling it quits can’t fathom the fact that they have broken up and are unable to move on. “What do you mean it doesn’t hurt?” the pop artists chant in the chorus. In the music video, the Argentine songstress portrays the love interest for each of the CNCO members, with each scene telling a different story. “Como Asi” kicks off with romantic guitar riffs before dropping a catchy pop-dembow melody. Watch it below. — JESSICA ROIZ

Pablo Alborán & Ava Max – “Tabú” (Warner Music Latina)

Spanish singer Pablo Alborán has joined the list of artists collaborating with Anglo singers. As announced on his social media, Alborán just released “Tabú” with Ava Max. "Tabú," which in English means taboo, was recorded between Madrid, Malaga, Miami and Los Angeles and is originally produced by Edgar Barrera (Ariana Grande, Shakira, Marc Anthony); for this duet, it was prepared and completed by Canadian producer Cirkut (Lana del Rey, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ava Max herself). — SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Leslie Grace & Abraham Mateo – “Que Será” – (Sony Music Latin)

Leslie Grace and Abraham Mateo have teamed up for their first collab "Que Será." The single shows a change in Leslie Grace not only from musical genre (bachata pop to urban) but also lyrical — because it changes her status as an adolescent to an independent woman. It's romantic reggaeton song that talks about how much a couple misses each other when they are not together. It’s a good change for Grace, who also this year has been focusing on new projects, including the upcoming film adaptation of In the Heights, a Warners Bros. Pictures production, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes. — SF

El Bebeto – “Que Te Duela Más Que a Mi” (Universal Music Group)

El Bebeto has had enough of broken promises and fake love and is out to seek revenge in his new single “Que Te Duela Más Que a Mi,” which translates to “I hope it hurts you more than me.” The trombone, accordion, clarinet, percussion and other instruments clash for a powerful Regional Mexican gem that puts the spotlight on those who play with people’s hearts. “All the love and kisses were not enough for you to stay,” El Bebeto sings, wishing his ex-partner bad luck in love because he’s still hurting. Paying homage to the real lyrics, the music video shows the Mexican artist performing the song while he drinks his sorrows away at a bar. Other scenes show an older lady looking back at her relationship and regretting her past decisions in love. — JR

J Alvarez – La Fama Que Camina, Vol. 2 (Now on Top of the World Music) 

J Alvarez dropped his new album La Fama Que Camina, Vol. 2, a continuation of his 2018 La Fama Que Camina, Vol. 1 and La Fama Que Camina, Vol. 1.5, released early 2019. Home to 12 new tracks, Alvarez once again flaunts his versatility in terms of lyrics, melodies, and collaborations. The new set includes already-released singles “Me Da Lo Mismo” in collaboration with El Alfa and “Nadie Lo Sabe,” where he’s joined by Juhn El All-Star. Celebrating the release of his latest production, the Puerto Rican singer premiered the music video for “Una Locura,” a romantic reggaeton made for a night of dancing and falling in love. Other collaborations on Vol. 2 include Joanna Torres, Darkiel, D.OZI, Herencia de Timbiqui, Genio El Mutante, and Mestiza, who in “Siempre Fly” join forces for a sensual trap about being a badass. Listen to the full album below. — JR

Cali Y El Dandee, Piso 21 – “Voy Por Ti” (Universal Music Group)

Cali y El Dandee and Piso 21 — two of Colombia’s hottest acts of the moment — have teamed up for a feel-good track they blessed as “Voy Por Ti.” Cali & El Dandee and Piso 21 bring to the forefront the captivating fusion between Latin pop and urban melodies that distinguish their individual sounds. Marking their first-ever collaboration, the lyrics in “Voy Por Ti” are perfect for the man or woman you’re crushing on. “Give me the opportunity to love you, I’m going after you,” they sing, promising the stars, the moon, and the world to that special someone. The music video presented by Compostela Films & Art, shows Piso 21 and brothers Alejandro Rengifo and Mauricio Rengifo (Cali Y El Dandee) flirting and having fun with a group of girls in a colorful beach town.  In a nutshell, “Voy Por Ti” will make you feel like it’s summer at any time of the year. Check out the music video below. — JR

Marron – “FUTUR.” (Nacional Records)

Mexican-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Marron releases “FUTUR.,” the lead single from his eponymous four-track EP and follow-up to his debut album Etc. Fraught with synth-waved-inspired beats, Marron touches on life intricacies on this Spanglish dancey tune with melancholic vocals about self-exploration and paired up with a motorcycle night ride through the streets of New York: “…yo soy tú, jé al pasado para que vivas lo que pudo ser (I’m you who traveled to the past, so you could live what could have been), if you leave now, you’ll never, never know.” — PAMELA BUSTIOS

Klik & Frik – “Achalay”

From Argentinian duo Klik & Frik’s first Refugio EP, “Achalay” (How Beautiful) is now available for streaming, a dynamically bass propulsive electronic track that blends their invigorating mix of influences from the Andes with electronica. The former Frikstailers (pronounced freak-stylers) electro-cumbia ensemble, composed of duo Rafael Caivano and Lisandro Sona, leave their raucous electro-tropical beats aside and sprawl under moniker Kilk & Frik, after a deep exploration of indigenous sounds welding with their ever-companion, electronica. — PB

Ana Belén – Vibeflow

Belén, a  Miami-based flutist and singer, has toured with a veritable who’s who of Latin acts. Now, she forays on her own in this set of her own compositions, written and produced jointly with keyboardist Doug Emery. The EP Vibeflow is indeed about vibes, a mix of dance beats and Latin pop with an airy, exuberant Miami feel. — LEILA COBO

Baby Rasta & Gringo – "Evidencia"

It's been a minute since Baby Rasta & Gringo released new music and today (Nov. 8) they surprised their loyal fans by dropping a fresh song together called "Evidencia," which translates to evidence. Presented by WolflowMusic, the single, which spotlights a refreshing, more commercial reggaeton sound for Baby Rasta & Gringo, is about two people who are having an affair and agree on leaving no evidence behind. "There can't be a crime if there's no evidence / Nobody has the proof that we've been unfaithful," Baby Rasta's melodious voice kicks off the lyrics. Prior to dropping their new infectious track, the Puerto Rican duo took a break to embark on solo ventures. "Evidencia" follows their 2018 single "Envuelta." Gringo officially announced their comeback  an Instagram video. "Prepare yourself because Baby Rasta & Gringo are coming with a lot of new music," he said during the filming of the music video in Punta Cana. Watch it below. – JR