Viva Friday Playlist: Daddy Yankee Collabs With Wisin & Yandel, Los Angeles Azules Recruit Belinda & More


Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums, and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

This week on the Viva Friday Playlist:

Daddy Yankee & Wisin y Yandel – “Si Pudiera” 

Old-school reggaeton fans were in for a real treat this week when on Thursday (June 27), Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel — two of the biggest names in the industry — dropped “Si Pudiera.” The single, which is charged with romantic lyrics, kicks off with Yandel’s melodious voice before breaking into a catchy reggaeton beat. Both Wisin and Yankee drop their infectious rap verses as well. The music video, directed by Nuno Gomes and featuring all three artists, tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl from school and is trying to get her attention. Watch it below. – JESSICA ROIZ

Los Angeles Azules, Belinda, Lalo Ebratt ft. Horacio Palencia – “Amor a Primera Vista”

Los Angeles Azules have teamed up with Belinda, Lalo Ebratt and Horacio Palencia to drop your next cumbia obsession. With a star-studded lineup featuring an iconic musical group, a renowned Regional Mexican singer, a Latin pop diva, and one of the new faces of urban music, “Amor a Primera Vista” perfectly fuses traditional Mexican cumbia sounds with soft hints of reggaeton. Belinda co-wrote the song with Descemer Bueno and Palencia to tell a story about two people who meet during a night out in town and have crazy chemistry. The colorful music video, filmed by Fausto Terán and produced by Toro Films in Mexico, features all the artists, joined by special guest and Roma actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero. – J.R.

Orishas – “Insomnio”

The Cuban trio’s new single is both gorgeous and hard-hitting. It kicks off as a slow bolero on the piano, before the vocals come in: “Digame si dormir le queda facil?” (Tell me if you can sleep easily) it asks, a question both romantic and existential. The juxtaposition of simple piano lines, Roldan’s beautiful vocals and Yotuel and Ruzzo’s rap, make for an unusually lyrical yet edgy hip hop track. – LEILA COBO

Myke Towers – “Inocente” 

As he preps for a summer tour in countries such as Chile and Spain, Myke Towers, one of the new faces of Latin urban music, presents his new single “Inocente.” Produced in Puerto Rico by Montana The Producer, the song fuses traditional reggaeton melodies with seductive flairs of Jamaican reggae. “Inocente” is about a woman whose innocent looks are deceiving but at the same time seducing Towers. The music video was directed by Christian Suau in La Isla del Encanto. “It's always very exciting to be able to launch a solo track and have the audience react so positively. I'm infinitely grateful to my fans," Myke said in a press statement. – J.R. 

R.K.M. & Ken-Y – “Cuando Lo Olvides”

Old-school reggaeton duo R.K.M. & Ken-Y have returned with “Cuando Lo Olvides,” highlighting the romantic urban melodies that characterize them in the scene. The song is about someone who’s trying to convince a person in a relationship that they are a better match. Just as Pride month wraps up, the powerful music video narrates the story of a woman who’s in an abusive relationship and escapes her reality by cheating on her boyfriend with another woman. In the end, the same-sex couple ends up happily together. – J.R.