Vince Staples Calls R. Kelly A Child Molester In Off-The-Rails Interview


If there was any hope Vince Staples taking part in a normal interview after his Coachella 2018 set, it disappeared within seconds.

During his interview with Everyday Struggle‘s Nadeska Alexis, Vince decided to call out the teleprompter she was using for the interview, and then proceeded to completely derail the interview, while also taking the time to call R. Kelly a “child molester” and a “piece fucking shit.”

While R. Kelly is not a convicted child molester, he does have a dubious reputation. Just this morning it was reported that he allegedly sexually assaulted one his accusers and gave her a sexually transmitted disease. 

Vince’s R. Kelly comment was simply an aside in his larger point on how he plans to drive crazy in his new Tesla once he gets f probation, but Nadeska was clearly shaken by the unprompted comment, and tried to wrangle Vince back to a normal interview, with little success. 

The entire video is really entertaining, and the two know each other outside the interview so Vince is clearly just messing with her. During the interview, Vince reveals some other interesting facts, including his plan to remove all the toxic emissions from Long Beach (a plan that involves ending a race war and Vince becoming the vice mayor), as well as the real secret behind his recent Go Fund Me stunt. As it turns out, the Go Fund Me wasn’t actually Vince’s idea, but rather a new marketing person at Def Jam Records. Vince does clarify that if he had met the funding goal, he would have absolutely taken the money regardless.

Check out the whole interview with Vince down below: