Vince Staples’ Biggest Flex Yet: "I Ain’t Ran Outta Toilet Paper In 5 Years"


Vince Staples has been tracking his ascension up the ranks by way of toilet paper consumption. He’s come to remark usage rates over a 5-year period, in no way propagated by Costco-levels of spending cabbage. The Long Beach native would go onto establish that his never-ending supply was, in fact, two-ply strong throughout the 5-year cycle. “I ain’t ran outta toilet paper in five years all off rap money,” is a statement that lacks a proper alibi. None of his defacto roommates have entered the discussion to corroborate his claims. Then again, no one’s discrediting him either. Make of it what you will.

Vince’s big revelation comes on the heels of another big announcement. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Staples would be cast as the main protagonist in Punk, an indie film centered around the exploits of a young person who embarks on a free-spirited adventure gone awry, after receiving a heartbreaking rejection letter of some sorts. Before that announcement went to press, Staples was featured in the latest episode of The Cave, where he famously personified Kenny Beats, as the very embodiment of “The Police.”

To cap things off, Vince Staples’ most recent “viral moment” came in deference to Earl Sweatshirt. The ex-Odd Future member was languishing over a karate chop he issued towards a nosy fan, or the person’s phone more specifically –  with Vince Staples entering the fray claiming, “if you feel disrespected I can get you a fade from the homie just let me know.” There’s that.