Vince Carter's 2004 Vintage Nikes Break Down Mid-Game


It’s difficult to move on. Even though your once pristine stylish shoes are miles away from their prime, it’s not always easy to pull the plug. Such is life for Sacramento Kings legend Vince Carter. The basketball icon has been pushing Nike to re-release his signature SHOX sneakers for a minute now, but the company has yet to move forward with any retro plans. Therefore, Vince Carter has been making his case on the court. Drawing from his own personal collection, Carter recently donned a fourteen-year old pair 2004 Nike SHOX in a silent statement. As dope as that may be in theory, in practice, hitting the court in ancient shoes is admittedly a gamble.

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During last night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Vince was holding it down on defense during a heated rush. Faster than you can say “what are those,” the Shox left heel flew f in what the analyst deemed a “flat tire” situation. Pour some out for the fallen relic. Suffice it to say, the SHOX were MIA for the remainder the game. Vince returned to the court in a pair  Air Max Dominate with a BMH colorway.

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With the world currently down one pair, hopefully Nike will see the light and re-release Vince’s SHOX VC 4 line. Hopefully the sentimental value wasn’t too high. RIP Vince Carter’s shoes.