Viceroy Talks New Sound, Shares R&B-Funk Jam 'Caught Me a Rhythm': Listen


It's been a year change and growth for San Francisco DJ and producer Viceroy. For one, he moved to Los Angeles, which makes sense given his “tropical house” label in the public eye — but Viceroy wants you to know, he still keeps his heart in the Bay. Even more, he's not trying to run in the “tropical house” lane anymore. Like we said, it's been a year change.

“I started the project as Viceroy seven years ago,” he says. “I've done my own thing the whole time, never really getting contrived or trying to follow trends. The tropical house thing kind came out nowhere, and I got kind pigeonholed into that world. I obviously have no qualms about that, and I'm grateful for any opportunities it brought me, but I needed to find] a way to build and mature the sound as a brand and find something new that excites me.”

The release “Improvise” in July 2017 marked the end a chapter in Viceroy's journey and a step in a whole new direction. That journey began with a lot introspection and self-awareness. He found both he and his fans gravitated toward his slower, more sensual productions. A year studio sessions and experimentation saw straight-forward house give way to more R&B-infused rhythms, and today, he's ready to show fans how he  “Caught Me a Rhythm,” featuring cool vocals from his Bay-Area fellow Marc E. Bassy.

The new song started more than a year ago, before Viceroy made the move to SoCal. It remains a fond memory for the producer, a reminder that the creative process is best when it's just friends hanging out making cool sounds. After his move, he revisited the track, and feeling this new R&B, future funk wave, he reworked the melodies into something that represents both his old world and his new.

“Caught Me a Rhythm” is a shout-out to his hometown, a promise that he'll always represent himself and the Bay, and a perfect progression to bring fans with him down his new path.

“I'm keeping the music funky but having a fresh take on everything,” he says. “Most importantly it's fun, and that's something I didn't wanna lose by changing … That's still the whole point what I do. I just want people to have fun when they listen to my music and not take it too seriously.”

Viceroy says he's got quite a stash songs in the vault. “Caught Me a Rhythm” is the first rush from a breaking dam, and he's still hard at work too. Expect more funky vocal tracks and new steez, but always fun music for good times with friends. The single is out now. Listen to “Caught Me a Rhythm” below.