Vic Mensa & His New Band 93PUNX Reveal "F*ck Ice" Protest Show


Vic Mensa recently announced he and his new band 93PUNX will be organizing and performing at a protest concert entitled “Fuck ICE.” The protest concert will take place in Downtown Los Angeles right in front of the ICE headquarters. Evidently, the show serves as a resistance to the recent outrage which has sparked surrounding the ICE’s aggressive actions towards “undocumented” immigrants in the country and more. Vic Mensa described the upcoming event as a “guerrilla performance” when referring to it via his Instagram account. For now, there are little details in terms of what’s to expect or whether there will be any other artists tied to the show. And in terms of promotion for the event, the poster appears to feature a slogan tied to the event which states “Rock for children’s rights.”  

The act is admirable considering the loud cries from the general public, social justice advocates and families of “unlawful” immigrants who have been experiencing much distress surrounding the treatment of individuals at the hands of ICE. Shocking footage of children in cages even got Donald Trump in a lot of trouble for even allowing ICE to partake in such actions. We expect further details on Vic Mensa’s protest concert in due time.