Venezuela's Peche on His Journey, New Single, and Filmmaking: Exclusive Interview


Venezuelan actor and singer Peche (real name: Reinaldo Zavarce) rose to fame as a teen heartthrob on the Nickelodeon series Isa TKM, which ran from 2008 to 2010, after appearing in several soap operas.

Time passed, and in between guest starring in series like Jane the Virgin and movies like Don Quixote with James Franco, he is now pursuing music.  

Having released his previous singles "XQ Callas" and "Fool," Peche spoke exclusively with Billboard Venezuela:

Take us back to your roots as Reinaldo Zavarce. What was your first encounter with music?
I was just a little kid when I started dancing to Michael Jackson's music. I think that was my first encounter. But my first ficial encounter… I loved music but I remember the first time I tried joining my high school music band (Las Gaitas). I didn't get in. I was out tune most the time and out tempo. But I was committed, so I took singing lessons and even learned percussion for the tempo. A little after that, I auditioned for my friend's rock band. They needed someone who could rap and sing. I practiced a lot, and got in! I think that was the first ficial encounter.

When did acting happen? How do you manage both things?
Acting happened after I got my knee injured playing soccer. It was an intense time in my life. I had done commercials, and I was pursuing acting on the one hand, but also soccer and business school on the other. I remember I had surgery in my knee, and right after that, I booked a good role on a show on RCTV, which was a big Venezuelan Network. My destiny was kinda set in that direction. I left soccer and a scholarship behind and finished business school in Venezuela so I could do the show on RCTV.

Both, or all three or all four or five… I think I have always done a bunch different things at the same time. Currently, I don't only do music and act, but I also co-own a production company with my lady, and we just finished the production our first feature film, as we continue to create our clothing brand. I'm directing music videos for myself and other artists, writing music for other artists, etc. I don't know. I can't stay still.

While you were growing up, who were your role models and music idols? 
"Say hello to my little friend." When I understood acting, Al Pacino was one them for sure! As for music, I had so many different music idols, so many genres. I always admired Michael Jackson's work, Tupac, Nirvana, Blink 182, Calle 13 and Robbie Williams. They were all different, but their music was unique at the time. They all had that.

Who you are listening to right now?
Right now, I listen to everything still. I go from genre to genre. From The Weeknd to Viniloversus. I listen to The 1975, Jesse Baez, Acapella, Blackbear, C. Tangana, Bravvo, and Grandson. I have a couple favorites, but definitely listening to Jessie Reyez' "Figures" on repeat right now.

You posted on YouTube a very personal video detailing your journey. What made you want to reveal so much?
I wanted people to know what I had been doing. I went in a deep search for what I really wanted and it took me years. Years where I trained my acting, my voice and my mind to become the person and artist I am today. I wanted people to understand where my heart was in all this also, because I'm sharing music with everybody now, and I want them to know it comes from a good place. My art in general does. No matter the theme, the genre, or what I'm doing. It comes from within.

Can you tell us about the acting projects you're doing now? 
This year has been a good one. I did a couple episodes for CW's Jane the Virgin at the beginning the year. Then I had my first role as a series regular on an American show. And it was also a sitcom which, comedy-wise, was so culturally different from what I grew up watching, so it felt like a big accomplishment. The name the show is Hotel Du Loone, and you can catch it on BRAT. I also produced my first feature film where I also act, and I was lucky enough to have a bunch great actors in it with me.

What is on the horizon for Peche?
I'm preparing the release my new single, "Cómplice." I can't tell you much yet, but it's a very sexy song that comes out with a video I'm very proud , because it's the most special one I have made so far. My girlfriend is the model, and she also directed the photography as I was not only the singer, but also the director. Very intense experience he laughs] but we got a video that we're dying to put out! So… my horizon keeps expanding, and I'm enjoying every minute the ride!"