Venezuela’s Culture Is Celebrated in Miami With ‘Viva La Parranda’


Venezuelans who live in Miami will be able to feel everything they had at home through the play Viva La Parranda, which will be celebrating its season finale Sunday (May 19) at the Colony Theatre.

Betsayda Machado and Parranda El Clavo bring passion and color through traditional rhythms and dances in a play that will lead to the discovery of contagious Afro-Venezuelan soul through stories and songs of real-life struggles and triumphs. The music transports viewers out of Caracas (the capital of Venezuela) and leads to an authentic feeling of the culture through Afro-Venezuelan drums.

“¡El que no tiene ritmo, lo encuentra bailando! Y esta parranda tiene todas las tamboras para ponerlos a gozar,  (who has no rhythm, finds hit dancing! And this party has all the drums to put them to enjoy)," Betsayda Machado wrote on Instagram.